Odis Lewis is a Dallas, TX based Fashion/Beauty Product photographer who realized at a very young age that he had a keen eye for the arts and couldn't wait to share his creativity with the world. With each stunning image Odis leaves each project he graces with a touch of creative genius and ingenuity. 

     Aiming to keep momentum in his Fashion and Beauty work, he constantly keeps an eye out on the latest Fashion and Beauty trends. Odis has become a  staple photographer within the Fashion industry and reconstructs scenes with an unprecedented degree of realism.  

Not only has he established himself as a prominent photographer  working around the globe, but Odis also has a background in graphic design which expands his creativity into the world of retouching. While striving  to create an atmosphere of creative brilliance, he continues to pave his way to photographic stardom by keeping his work innovative and producing the kind of work that the world will not likely soon forget.

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